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Containers, Edging & Fencing

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Square Rusted Iron Planters

NAME       WIDTH                 HEIGHT               Price

Small         1' 6"    (450mm)    1' 3" (380mm)      £295

Medium     1' 7 "   (480mm)    1' 9" (530mm)      £420

Large         1' 10 " (550mm)    2' 0" (610mm)      £560

Square Rusted Iron Planters

 These planters can be used within the flower borders, on paths or patios and are ideal for perennials, box topiary or shrubs. The planters can be made with feet that spike into the ground, or without for paths and patios. They can also be made without a base to place directly into the border. 

Rusted Iron Cone Planter

 A contemporary stylish addition to our container range. They look stunning planted with topiary

Rusted Iron Cone Planters


2' 3" (685mm)    12" (305mm)             1' 6" (455mm)              £475.00

Edging & Fencing

We offer three designs in the fencing panels, diamond, square and solid sheet. The fencing panels are extremely strong and are an alternative to traditional wooden trellising. We offer one design in the edging which looks superb in the front of the border or to create shape within an area. It can be made straight or curved to any height and can be used in place of terracotta or brick edging. The edging spikes into the ground but the fencing will need to be secured in position with concrete. We are not offering set sizes in the fencing or edging but have priced them by the sq. ft. (900cm2). 

Our made to measure rusted iron edging can be shaped round any border, in straight lines or wavy. It is easily spiked into the ground and does not need any digging or concreting in.

Our fencing is also made to measure and comes in solid sheets or diamond cut out panels. It offers a long-lasting, maintenance-free alternative to wood and is extremely strong with an organic feel. The diamond cut fencing is ideal for growing climbers up and can be used as an alternative to trellising.

FENCE  DESIGN                 PRICE

Diamond Fencing                 £35 per sq ft

Square Fencing                    £35 per sq ft

Solid Sheet Fencing              £30 per sq ft

Edging                               £30 per sq ft

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