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Plant Supports

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Pyramid Support

 These Pyramid supports were originally designed to replace bamboo canes which collapsed under the weight of perennial sweet peas. Use them in containers and in the border to support plants and shrubs. They add instant height and look superb in groups, mixing the different heights and gauges. Place the pyramids at an angle to encourage newly planted climbers to scramble through trees or fencing. Ideal for roses, clematis, honeysuckle and sweet peas, or on their own as a decorative item. 

HEIGHTS          BASE DIAMETER       6MM       8MM     10MM      12MM


3' (914mm)        9"     (229mm)        A £60      B £80     C £90       D  £110

4' (1219mm)      1' 5" (432mm)        E £75       F £95     G £115     H £140

5' (1524mm)      1' 6" (457mm)         I £85       J  £115   K £150      L  £170

6' (1829mm)      1' 7" (483mm)                       N £150  O £170     P  £210

7' (2134mm)      1' 10" (559mm)                                   S  £190     T  £230

8' (2438mm)      1' 10" (559mm)                                  W £220     X  £250

Baby 2' (610mm) 6"      (152mm)     Y £45   

Chelsea Support

Chelsea Support

Excellent in the border to support plants. An attractive feature in the winter garden border. Ideal for shrub roses and many plants including herbs. 


3' 3" (991mm)       2' 2" (661mm)            10mm      CHSS         £125

4' 1" (1245mm)     2' 4" (711mm)            10mm      CHSM        £150

4' 8" (1416mm)     2' 8½" (825mm)         10mm      CHSL          £180

Belvoir Support

Originally created for the Duchess of Rutland’s rose garden at Belvoir Castle. An elegant but substantial statement in the border. Ideal for roses and vigorous climbers


7' (2134mm)    1' 11"  (584mm)              20mm  BS7             £525

8' (2440mm)    2' 2 "   (660mm)              20mm  BS8             £750

9' (2744mm)    2' 8½" (826mm)              20mm  BS9             £950

Stake, Dahlia, Swirl & Kent Supports

 A fun yet practical accessory for use in the border to support those unruly plants. Ideal for love in the mist, cosmos, geums. 

The rusted iron stakes are a handsome alternative to bamboo canes perfect for supporting individual plants that need extra help in borders or containers. Finished on the top with a ball they protect the gardener from sharp edges. Ideal for general plant support or can be arranged as a wigwam, in lines or together to support larger shrubs, training beans, sweet peas or both. 

Iron Stake Support

Dahlia Stake Support

Spiral Stake Support

Swirl Support

Kent Support

The Kent Supports are ideal for use in the border to gently encourage plants to stand upright and to prevent them flopping over the lawn or path and provide support during inclement weather. Ideal for tender stemmed plants with heavy blooms: lupins, penstemens, peonies, lavatera. 


HEIGHT                PRICE            HEIGHT                 PRICE

3' (914mm)   CS   £75         6' (1829mm)   OS        £105

4' (1219mm) GS   £85         7' (2134mm)   SS         £115

5' (1524mm  )KS  £95          8' (2438m     )WS        £135

HEIGHT                  GUAGE          PRICE

3' (915mm)               6mm            £70

4' (1219mm)             6mm            £80

5' (1525mm)             6mm            £90

HEIGHT                 GUAGE           PRICE

3' (914mm)            10mm BSp       £75

4' (1219mm)          10mm FSp       £85

5' (1525mm)          10mm JSp        £95

HEIGHT             WIDTH            GUAGE         PRICE

3' 5" (915mm)    1' 6" (460mm)  8mm              £95


CODE             HEIGHT              WIDTH            PRICE

AKS                2' 6" (762mm)     1' 6" (450mm)   £80

BKS                 4' (1200mm)      1' 6" (450mm)   £100

CKS                2' 6" (762mm)     2' (600mm)      £90

DKS                4' (1200mm)       2' (600mm)      £110

Obelisk Support

Peony & Obelisk Supports

HEIGHT               BASE                   DIAMETER        GAUGE OF METAL      PRICE

5' 7" (1702mm)    1' 7½" (495mm)    12mm             OBS                          £250

6' 7" (2007mm)    1' 7½" (495mm)    12mm             OBM                         £300

7' 7" (2311mm)    1' 7½" (495mm)    12mm             OBL                           £350

Large Peony Support
also comes in small size 

Height             Diameter at base       Diameter at top          Gauge of metal       Price

2' 4" (725mm)  1' 11½" (600mm)     2' 10½" (875mm)     10mm    PSW         £145

Perfect for displaying two or three clematis at a time. Stagger the flowering season of these climbers, encourage their growth to twist through the structure, giving a fantastic show of colour and excitement in the border all season

Originally designed for our new collection of peonies at The Walled Garden, Cowdray, these supports act as neck braces for their showy heads. Left in place during the winter months they are extremely useful for indicating where these magnificent plants will emerge the following season

Sweet Pea & Wigwam 

Originally designed with sweet peas in mind, these elegant columns are ideal for climbers with larger blooms such as clematis or can be used in the vegetable garden for runner beans or peas. For dramatic effect place the columns in containers, group together or set out in a straight line

Sweet Pea Support
Wigwam Support

Rusted iron wigwams will stand up to the elements in the windiest of gardens providing structure and support. Just spike them directly into the ground or a container. Ideal for the vegetable or flower gardens or combine the two together with, for example, sweet peas and runner beans. 

HEIGHT               WIDTH              GAUGE             PRICE

3' 6" (1070mm)    1' 1½" (340mm)  10mm               £110

5' 6" (1680mm)    1' 1½" (340mm)  10mm               £140

7' (2134mm)        1' 2" (350mm)     10mm               £185

HEIGHT         BASE             DIAMETER       GAUGE OF METAL      PRICE

3' (914mm)    9" (229mm)     10mm                  CW                    £95

4' (1219mm)  1'5" (432mm)  10mm                  GW                  £150

5' (1524mm)  1'6" (457mm)  10mm                  KW                   £170

6' (1829mm)1'7" (483mm)    10mm                  OW                   £195

7' (2134mm)1'10" (559mm)  10mm                  SW                    £255

8' (2438mm)1'10" (559mm)  10mm                 WW                   £285

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