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Knight's Chair
Knight's Chair

HEIGHT             DEPTH          WIDTH               PRICE

4' 2" (1270mm)  2' (610mm)   2' 2" (660mm)     £595

Round Table

HEIGHT            WIDTH               PRICE

2'5½" (750mm) 1' 6½" (470mm)  £425

Knight's Table

 This grand table seats ten. It can also be use indoors. 

HEIGHT          LENGTH             WIDTH

2'3" (685mm)  7'3" (2210mm)    2'3½" (700mm)



Sussex Dining Table

 Ideal for outdoor dining. Seats six easily. 

HEIGHT          LENGTH                 WIDTH

2'4" (715mm   )7'5½"(2275mm)     2'5½" (745mm)



Lady's Chair

HEIGHT            DEPTH        WIDTH             PRICE

4' 2" (1270mm) 2' (610mm) 2' 2" (660mm)   £595

Sussex High Back Chair

 A sturdy chair designed for comfort. An ideal design for our Gazebos and Pavilions. 

HEIGHT             DIAMETER            HEIGHT OF SEAT

3'1½" (950mm)  1'6½" (470mm)     1'5" (430mm)



Rusted Iron Table

 A simple round table which seats four comfortably. This table can be made with or without the central hole, which is an ideal place to sink a flowerpot or plant or indeed an ice bucket and bottle of champagne!


2'4" (710mm)    2'11" (890mm)



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