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The gazebos and dining pavilions are ‘rooms’ in the garden. They look wonderful on their own or planted up with roses, jasmine, honeysuckle, ivy, etc. Each gazebo or pavilion comes with its own rusted iron chandelier for candlelit summer evenings. They create tranquil places to sit in the garden and are the perfect space for outdoor entertaining. With the addition of our canvas liners you have created a waterproof and windproof area. 

The gazebos and dining pavilions stand directly on the ground and require a level site. They look great on gravel, grass, paving, etc. When we deliver we assemble and install them for you, ensuring they are well pegged down.

Room in the Garden offers a bespoke service for gazebos and dining pavilions if our ready made sizes do not meet your needs. 

Square Gazebo
Closed Hexagonal Gazebo

Width            Height                 Depth

4' (1219mm)  11' 6" (3478mm)  4' (1219mm)



Width                Height                 Depth

7' 4" (2218mm)  11' 6" (3478mm)  6' 7" (1991mm)



Open Hexagonal Gazebo

Width                Height                 Depth

7' 4" (2218mm)  11' 6" (3478mm)  6' 7" (1991mm)



Canvas Gazebo Liners

 The canvas liners offer protection against the elements and are waterproof. They are easy to place into the Gazebos and Pavilions, hook them in the centre and velcro into place. Choose from either a full liner or just a roof section. Sides that roll up are also available. Roof section available separately. 

Liner                                 Style                         £ Price

Square                               4'                           950.00

Square                       roof section only                550.00

Hexagonal Liner                                               1525.00

Hexagonal                 roof section only                 850.00

Small Pavilion Liner                                           1950.00

Small Pavilion             roof section                      1150.00

Dining Pavilion                                                 2250.00

Dining Pavilion            roof section only               1400.00

Grand Dining Pavilion                                       4120.00

Grand Dining Pavilion  roof section only               2650.00

Liners are available in a variety of colours as shown.

                   Gazebo Liner Colours