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Dining Pavilions

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Room in the Garden Dining Pavilions and Gazebos are ‘rooms’ in the garden, which provide tranquil places to relax and are the perfect place to entertain friends. They have their own rusted iron chandeliers for candlelit summer evenings and look wonderful on their own or planted up with roses, jasmine, honeysuckle or clematis. With the addition of our canvas liner, which comes in a superb range of colours, the Pavilions and Gazebos create an elegant and stylish, waterproof and windproof area in the garden.

Small Dining Pavilion

 Width                Height                Depth

10' 2" (3100mm) 11' 6" (3478mm)  7' 9" (2362mm)



Dining Pavilion

Width              Height                 Depth

14' (4267mm)  11' 6" (3478mm)  7' 9" (2362mm)



Grand Dining Pavilion

Width                Height                  Depth

17'9" (5410mm) 11' 6" (3478mm)   7' 9" (2362mm)



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